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In the Japanese culture there is a tradition that every dojo (The place were you practice martial arts) has a name.

So welcome to the M. M. A. Underground  dojo:



Click on the following video to take a tour at Underground:













Introducing the top of the line equipment for all your martial arts, sport specific and fitness needs.

1. Heavy bag.Lets build your bombs with confidence. On the heavy bag you can throw all your punches or kicks as hard as you can. This work out will challenge you to get all the stamina out of your system.




                                                                                         Jab.                           Round house kick.     Hook punch.



2. Upper-cut bag.I set up this upper-cut bag in a way that I can bring it up and down easy and quick. This will enable you to perform a variety of drills for mixed martial arts.




                                                          Upper-cut.                 Elbow.                       Knee.                            Striking from the ground.



2. Double-double end bag (Of course Mexican style).What I like about the double-double end bag is that you can practice speed at punching to two targets, the head (being the bag on the top) and the torso (being the bag on the bottom). This will develop accuracy and quick reflexes as well as speed.




3. Body opponent bag.I have design this bag in a way were you can learn vital point striking (Kyusho-jutsu) to be more accurate on were to hit an opponent.




4. Double end bag. This bag will develop cat-like reflexes. With this bag you can learn how to slip, block, react, counter punch with precision and speed.




                                                                                  Slipping and reacting.     Blocking.                           Reaction punching.


5. Speed bag.The speed bag has 4 rhythms in which you can throw punches from the front (Ex. front fist rolling) and from the back (Ex. back fist rolling). It has hundreds of combinations with the side of the fist from both sides of the hand, with the front fist, the elbow, the palm, etc…

Come and experience a speed bag workout and you will be drained of energy at the end of the workout.






6. Shields, Thai pads, focus mitts and body protector vest.These are excellent tools for conditioning your body to become a better fighter, you can develop thousands of combinations of punches, kicks, elbows or knees.






7. Grappling dummy.There are some things that you can do over and over with a dummy that you can't do over and over with a real partner. For example, things like landing your knee on his stomach, knee him on the head, striking him on the face or just simply applying an arm bar at full force and full speed, that is why I have this dummy for you to get the best out of him.




                                                                                                                             Knee him on the head.


                                                              Striking him on the face.                  Applying an arm bar at full force and full speed.


8. Landing Mat. Well, as you know having a landing mat is very important for your safety and protection because it will absorb and cushion your falls. And will also help you to improve your break fall.





9. Snap and shoot machine.Every wrestler and mixed martial artist dream, How many times did you experience the lack of training because you did not have a partner to shoot with full power your single end double take downs. With this machine you won’t have to worry any more you will be able to do hundreds of them a become a better shooter.



                                                                                                                          Single leg takedown.



And also, for a mixed martial artist you can perform millions of combinations.

Example: Richi is training on his clinch, and then he pulls the dummy’s head hard to knee him on the face and after that he finishes with a high crotch. The dummy’s body is giving Richi 150 lb of resistance.



                    Clinch.                                             Pull and knee on the face.            High crotch.


10. Take down defender. The Defender is great for helping wrestlers and mixed martial artist learn how to defend against leg shots and then counter attack. Over 50 different exercises can be practiced on the Takedown Defender to help wrestlers and mixed martial artist perfect their defense and counter attacking skills.




11. Throwing dummy. The advantage of having the ability to drill leg shots makes the freestyle dummy a critical tool for all three wrestling styles in the USA. (Free Style, Folk- Style and Greco Roman). The two arms and two legs dummy is also very beneficial for all the marital arts and Grappling sports. It will benefit their drills on submission holds, kicks, punches and throws. Training throws and drills on the dummy will help the athletes to develop better technique, flexibility, explosive power, strength and endurance, speed, balance, coordination, a strong grip, and good cardiovascular stamina. All of the drills with the dummy are specific to the movements and positions in our Grappling Sports.






12. Ground and pound dummy: Ground-and-pound is a ground fighting tactic consisting of taking an opponent to the ground using a takedown or throw, obtaining a top position, and then striking the opponent. Ground-and-pound is also used as a precursor to attempting submission holds. This style is used by wrestlers or other fighters well-versed in defending submission holds and skilled at takedowns. They take the fight to the ground, maintain a grappling position and strike until their opponent submits or is knocked out. So on this dummy we will practice all of our ground punching and controlling techniques.




13.Timer. All the training we do is done with a timer. This timer will give us two to three minutes rounds and thirty seconds to one-minute rest. So if we are kicking the bag I will turn on the timer and you will be kicking at the bag for two or three minutes depending on your conditioning. And most of our kettlebell work outs are perform with a timer, the timer will give us two to three minutes rounds and thirty seconds to one-minute rest.



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